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Academic Policy

Class Policy

  • Respect others’ opinions and properties.
  • Food and drinks are not allowed in class.  Water is acceptable.
  • Cell phones and other electronic devices not used for math purposes will be confiscated. Students may have devices returned after a 10-minute detention.
  • Positive, responsible behavior is strongly encouraged.
  • Negative, disruptive behavior will result in detention, referral, and/or parent contact.



  • Scientific for Integrated 1
  • Graphing for Calculus and Integrated 3
Paper, pencil, highlighter
  • All work must be shown for credit. No work, no credit.
  • All work to be turned in must be done in pencil. No pen.


Tutoring help is available Monday – Friday from Ms. Do during lunch time in room 812

* Please find help as soon as you are having problem. Do not wait until the day before the test.

Math lab 

Monday – Friday in room 823

  • Before school: 6:30-7:25 am
  • Afterschool: 2:30-4:00 pm

Academic Grading Policy


Class grades are posted online via the parent portal at vistausd.org.


Class notes, homework schedule, and other resources can be found at dydxdo.com.

Citizenship Grade

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Volunteering in class, working with and helping other students, exhibiting positive behaviors,  having a positive attitude towards learning.
Working on assignments as directed, not disrupting other students.
 Not participating, disturbing other students, disruptive behaviors.
 Excessive disruptive behaviors.


  • Students must complete all homework by chapter test day.
  • Incomplete homework packets will be result in a deduction of 10% of test score (possible).
  • Each homework assignment is worth a total of 3 points. 
    • 2 points for full attempt on homework that is turned in on time.
    • 1 point for the work and correctness of a randomly checked problem. 

Make-up and Late Work

  • Make up and late work must be completed within a week of the given date.
  • Late homework will be given 1 point.
  • Missed quizzes will be given the same grade as the corresponding chapter test.

Extra Credit

  • Extra credit will be included in quizzes and tests and will cover any previously learned material.
  • Group extra credit can be earned through active participation in assigned groups.
  • Extra Credit cannot exceed 1% of total points.

Value of Assignments

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 3 points per assignment
 20 points
 100 points
 Final Exam
 200 points

Grading Scale

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A        91 - 99 %

A-      90 - 90.9 %

B+     89 - 89.9 %

B       81 - 88.9 %

B-      80 - 80.9 %

C+     79 - 79.9 %

C       71 - 78.9 %

C-     70 - 70.9 %

D+    69 - 69.9 %

D      61 - 68.9 %

D-     60 - 60.9 %

Academic Honesty


Students are expected to complete assigned work to the best of one’s ability, turn assignments in on time and be a contributing member of each class. Students are expected to practice responsible and honest behavior. All tests, quizzes, reports, assignments, and any school-related tests are subject to this policy. Academic dishonesty in any form is unacceptable behavior.

The following action will be taken when students are in violation of this policy.

1st Offense
  1. Student will receive a zero on the assignment or test.
  2. Teacher will confer with student and notify parent/guardian.
  3. Student will be given a “U” in citizenship for the current grading period.
  4. Teacher will refer student to administration; consequences will be implemented.

2nd Offense
  1. Teacher will confer with parent and student.
  2. Student’s semester mark may be lowered by one full letter grade.
  3. Teacher will refer student to administration; consequences will be implemented.
  4. Student may be removed from any/ all leadership position(s) for the remainder of the
      school year.

Subsequent Instances
  1. Student may be dropped from the course with an “F” grade.
  2. Teacher will refer student to administration; consequences will be implemented.


Tardy Policy

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 1st and 2nd offense
 3rd offense
 Parent contact
 4th offense
 Referral to Assistant Principal


E-mail Ms. Do at: [email protected]